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The Here and How Podcast

Welcome to The Here and How Podcast where every week we dive deep into big ideas, discovering the past so that we can create a brighter future. Explore the world of science with Rachel Oates, Steve Woodford, and Thomas Westbrook.

Jul 21, 2018

Can we improve our memories and remember everything we encounter? What is the history of memory, and are the limits of human memory? Learn how to memorize more, faster and retain it longer. Show notes:

Jul 15, 2018

Where’s the missing link between us humans and our supposedly fellow apes? From australopithecus afarensis to homo neanderthalensis, in this episode we investigate and discuss the many fossils of our ancestors.


Show notes:

Jul 8, 2018

Can we predict the future? Explore the history and science of prophecy, psychic predictions, future simulations, and science-based forecasting.

Show notes: